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Re: [Pkg-pascal-devel] Please confirm non-distributability of Novell SDK material

On 19-04-14 11:22, Riley Baird wrote:
> Use of the Software and Documentation is subject to the
> restrictions contained in this Agreement. The Software contains various
> software programs with different license rights.
> .
> .
> .
>    Open Source Software. Your license to use software that is provided
> subject to a separate open source license is described in and subject to
> the license agreement included with the software.
> I'm not really sure what to make of this last bit, but I just thought
> I'd put it out there.

Well, I think the license stated in my original e-mail covers all files
in Novell SDK releases as in the release I looked into there is a file
SDK_README.html that reads at the bottom:
"""All files provided in this release are subject to the Novell
Developer License Agreement, which can be found in the license.txt file
provided in this download."""
Although, this might not mean anything because the file license.txt is
not to be found (instead it is called SDK_LICENSE).


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