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Re: "dissident test" has been proven wrong and should not be used any more

* Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [120924 15:25]:
> Agh ... who added this ... test should be done only to DFSG.  The
> proposed "dissident test" does not work and is proven to be wrong in
> some cases already.

How can it be proven to be wrong? If some license makes it impossible
for some people in a sadly far to often occuring situation, how can such
software be free?

> Some people (Henning Makholm et al.) were on debian-legal around 2003
> using this "dissident tests" to shoot down many non-GLP/BSD licenced
> packages.

You do not need the dissident test for that. You can also just quote the
DFSG. The tests are just a method to make people not look to much at the
letter but at the spirit of the DFSG to distinguish some pure
theoretical issues from real world issues, i.e. to bring some saneness
into the discussion.

        Bernhard R. Link

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