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Re: New package algol68toc: terms of the copyright.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 01:59:13PM +0100, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
> Dear List
> Please find attached a copy of the copyright in all the source files
> of the algol68toc compiler.
> You will note that the licence accords with the DFSG. I am of the
> opinion that the compiler
> package could go into the main Debian distribution.
> Please confirm.

Sadly, I don't think we can :)

INAL, so someone feel free to call me wrong. Comments inline.

> -- 
> Sian Mountbatten
> Specialisto pri Algol 68

>     ************************************************************************
>     This Program is the property of the Secretary of State for Defence
>     (United Kingdom) acting through the Defence Research Agency (DRA). Use,
>     reproduction, production of amended versions and/or transfer of this
>     Program is permitted provided that:
>   (a)  this legend be preserved on any such reproduction and amended version,
>   (b)  any amended version of this Program be clearly marked to show the
>        nature of the amendment and of the name of the amending organisation,

         ^ IMHO this really fails the The Dissident test.

I quoth:

| Consider a dissident in a totalitarian state who wishes to share a
| modified bit of software with fellow dissidents, but does not wish to
| reveal the identity of the modifier, or directly reveal the
| modifications themselves, or even possession of the program, to the
| government. [snip]

>   and
>   (c)  any recipient  of such reproduction or amended version accept the
>        conditions set out in this legend.
>                          Crown Copyright, (c)   1994
>                              All rights reserved.
>     The Secretary of State for Defence (United Kingdom) acting through his
>     Defence Research Agency (DRA) gives no warranty that any element of the
>     Software is suitable for any purpose and he shall not be liable for any
>     loss or damage including loss or damage resulting in injury or death
>     howsoever caused which results from the use of the Software, or any
>     developments adaptions modifications translations and enhancements
>     thereof.
>     The original authors may be contacted via email on ella@dra.hmg.gb or by
>     writing to ELLA Office, DRA, St Andrews Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 3PS, UK.
>     ************************************************************************


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