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Re: New package algol68toc: terms of the copyright.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 01:59:13PM +0100, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
>     ************************************************************************
>     This Program is the property of the Secretary of State for Defence
>     (United Kingdom) acting through the Defence Research Agency (DRA). Use,
>     reproduction, production of amended versions and/or transfer of this
>     Program is permitted provided that:
>   (a)  this legend be preserved on any such reproduction and amended version,
>   (b)  any amended version of this Program be clearly marked to show the
>        nature of the amendment and of the name of the amending organisation,
>   and
>   (c)  any recipient  of such reproduction or amended version accept the
>        conditions set out in this legend.
>                          Crown Copyright, (c)   1994
>                              All rights reserved.
>     The Secretary of State for Defence (United Kingdom) acting through his
>     Defence Research Agency (DRA) gives no warranty that any element of the
>     Software is suitable for any purpose and he shall not be liable for any
>     loss or damage including loss or damage resulting in injury or death
>     howsoever caused which results from the use of the Software, or any
>     developments adaptions modifications translations and enhancements
>     thereof.
>     The original authors may be contacted via email on ella@dra.hmg.gb or by
>     writing to ELLA Office, DRA, St Andrews Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 3PS, UK.
>     ************************************************************************

No problem.  there are many Debian packages which comes wit "any amended
version of this Program be clearly marked".  Please clearly document in
README.Debian if you made any changes by citing patches used to build
the package and generic source package URL.


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