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Re: Lawyer request stop from downloading Debian

On Thu, 28 Apr 2011, Jeff Epler wrote:
> Are you saying that nothing inside a (complete) debian ISO image
> containing GPLv2 software in executable form fulfills either the
> 3.b) "written offer" or 3.c) "information you received" conditions
> for distribution? That if I give someone a CDR with a
> debian*netinst.iso burned on it it and nothing else, I'm violating
> the GPLv2?

Debian doesn't distribute any GPLed works under 3b or 3c for precisely
this reason. If you want to give someone Debian, you should give them
the multi-arch DVD image. (Or alternatively, give them the opportunity
to pick up a set of sources on some image.)

> If so, it seems to me that this is a bug in debian that could be
> fixed.

Fixing it for random third parties is very difficult, and not
something that Debian wants to be on the line for maintaining,
especially for unreleased architectures. You yourself are of course
free to produce a written offer.

Don Armstrong

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