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Re: Lawyer request stop from downloading Debian

I'm trying to figure out how transmitting a range of bytes in a
torrent is different than transmitting a range of bytes in response to
e.g., an FTP REST or an HTTP byte-range request.

Heck, consider one ethernet or PPP packet that contains just a part of
the whole!

Assuming that the file as a whole complies with the GPL by including the
necessary notices inside it, I don't see how using a network protocol
that transfers the file as multiple pieces could possibly on its own
turn the act from compliant to non-compliant.

Unless you want to take the other branch of the dilemma, that serving
GPL software bigger than your MTU is infringing, as is serving it from
an RFC-compliant HTTP or FTP server or through IP gateways that
implements TCP fragmentation.


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