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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

On Sun, 07 Sep 2008, Arc Riley wrote:
> I've gotten the impression, though, that many people on this list are
> arguing against the AGPL on the basis that they want to retain people's
> "freedom" to exploit the ASP loophole.

I don't believe anyone here has argued that people exploiting the ASP
loophole is a good thing, so that impression is likely due to
preconceived goals held for the outcome of this discussion.

This discussion is about the way in which the AGPL closes the ASP
loophole and whether that way is or is not in conflict with the DFSG.
Secondarily, whether it is possible for Debian and/or Debian's user's
to satisfy the terms of the AGPL as a practical matter.

Discussions as to whether the AGPL is a good thing, or whether the
DFSG should be modified (assuming it needs to be) are tertiary to
determining whether it complies with the DFSG or not, and whether
Debian can actually satisfy the AGPL. We may have to go there
eventually, but without resolving the first questions, going there is

Please, help us all by working to address the first to questions in
the framework of the DFSG.

Don Armstrong

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