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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

2008/9/2 Gervase Markham <gerv@mozilla.org>:

> It used to be that software ran on a computer on my desk, and I
> interacted with the services provided by that software using the
> attached monitor and keyboard. Now, I interact with the services
> provided by software that runs on a computer somewhere else, using the
> same monitor and keyboard. Why do I require less freedom in this case?

I don't think that is really important in this case. It's up for
upstreams to decide under which license they want to publish their
code, and I'm sure everyone will have their reasons for the license
they're using. I might agree with them or not, but it's their freedom
of choose and I respect that. What I'm trying to find out is if AGPLv3
is compliant with the Debian Free Software Guidelines. There's no
point in starting a flame about which license is better, or about
whether copyleft is good or bad or if it should be extended to others.
The point, for me at least, is just to be aware of the consequences
that having a program with that license will have both for Debian and
its users, and whether we should put that stuff in main or not.


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