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Re: About a couple of licenses in Japanese


2008/1/7, Satoru KURASHIKI <lurdan@gmail.com>:

> A literal translation would be "Since this work is copyright free I do not
> mind if you use it freely, commercially or non-commercially. However, If you
> include it in a commercial work, please contact me before hand.".
> Interpret that however you will. It is not a legal document. I personally
> would interpret it like the creative commons "free for non-commercial use"
> clause.

It would be,
" --, However, If you include them in the commercial collection of
materials, please contact me beforehand."
It regards them("commercial" collection of materials) as an exception.

NG: "commercial" collection of materials
OK: collection of materials
OK: other products

I interpreted this as a commercial work, as a "commercial collection of materials" (商用の素材集) would be including or using the sound files in any kind of commercial work. I suppose I might be a little fuzzy as what doesn't constitute a "commercial collection of materials". i.e. what falls into the "other products" category.

> That said, the ideal solution would be to get a clarification from the
> author confirming that he only meant this as a request rather than a
> legally-enforceable requirement.

I'll contact the author, if I may.

I think that would be best.

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