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Re: About a couple of licenses in Japanese



This site does appear to be copyright free and allows commercial and
non-commercial use. For commercial use however you need to contact the

ここの素材は著作権フリーですので、商用でも何でも自由に使って頂いて構いません。 *但し、商用の素材集に入れる時は事前にご連絡下さい。*


This site however seems to not allow redistribution without permission.

何らかの創作物の一部として使用せずに 素材その物のみを
(素材データとしての転載・再配布を行いたい場合は 事前に

It also forbids derivative works without permission.


I hope that helps.


08/01/07 に Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> さんは書きました:
> As usual, I'm having some problems with licenses in Japanese.
> From what I can understand, this license is free (public domain, in fact):
> The Match-Makers (http://osabisi.sakura.ne.jp/m2/):
> http://879.hanac200x.jp/se/index.html
>         ここの素材は著作権フリーですので、商用でも何でも自由に使って頂いて構いません。
>         "This material is copyright free, you can freely use it."
> But, of course, I'm not totally sure, so I'd like a confirmation.
> I have some doubts regarding this other one:
> Hanac200x (http://879.hanac200x.jp/):
> http://osabisi.sakura.ne.jp/m2/material.html
> It seems to be free, but I'm not exactly sure whether it makes some
> restrictions about its usage (commercial use or use in pornographic
> stuff). If it was so, it obviously wouldn't be DFSG-free. Can anyone
> confirm, please?
> Thanks!! :)
> Miry
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