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Re: Anti-TPM clauses

Francesco Poli wrote:
On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 22:51:31 +0200 Olive wrote:

What make sense is what Debian considers free and as long as
the  decision is taken according to rules we can say that Debian
considers it  free.

*As long as the decision is taken according to rules*...
What do you mean?
As long as the decision is taken by people entitled to take that
If you mean this, well, I have to say, again, that this is like claiming
that the Debian Project always automatically abides by its SC, whatever
it does.

The important point is that Debian have rules strong enough to garanties the respect of the social contract (since it is not a contract enforceable before a real tribunal). I think they are and in this sense I maintain my position. If you think that it is not the case and that a GR-vote is not representative of the community then it might be a problem and we should propose new rules. But I have somewhat a vague feeling that some people on this list speak as a representative of the government of a country having organised a referendum and then; being not pleased with the result; say the the result of the referendum was not democratic or that the people was wrong.


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