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Re: Using Debian as a base for a LiveCD together with non-free products.

Jeff Licquia ha scritto:
From the free software side, there should be very few problems. Linkage might be an issue. If the non-free app links to works licensed under the GNU GPL, there's an exception that allows this *if the two works are not distributed together*, which might make the app legal normally but not on the Live CD.

Where I can find this exception on the GPL? I wasn't aware of such an exception.

But... how can Linspire (for example) build (and sell) a distribution that feature both free and commercial software?

Maybe I have to ask for a written permission to make this live-cd to someone in the Debian team? (who?)

Also, if you recompile things from Debian main to pull in non-free dependencies, that could be a problem. Most apps won't run into these problems, though.

No, that's not my case. Got nothing to recompile. The commercial software has only the following dependencies: libc6, libX11-6, libasound2, libstdc++6, libgcc1, libxau6 and libxdmcp6.

Thank you for the answer,

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