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Re: Debian License agreement

On Sat, 24 Mar 2007, Vsevolod Krishchenko wrote:
> On Saturday 24 March 2007 22:55, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > Surely this only applies to people who are selling stuff rather than
> > giving it away?
> It applies to people that use debian in business/education/etc. :( 

Then you may be able to hand over a binder with all of the contents of
/usr/share/doc/<foopkg>/copyright to whoever the regulatory person is
who is complaining about it. ['course, I'd contact an attorney first,
because I'm obviously not a lawyer, and definelty not well versed in
Russian law at all.]
> > As far as an overall license, there isn't one, but we try to make
> > sure that works in Debian (IE, works in main) comply with the DFSG
> > (but we can't possibly guarantee that they do.)
> It's pity. 

Well, fedora has the same problem. The EULA that they give you is just
as useless.

Don Armstrong

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 -- Robert Heinlein _Time Enough For Love_ p428

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