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Re: Debian License agreement

On Sunday 25 March 2007 00:21, Steve Langasek wrote:

> There is no EULA for Debian because an EULA is a license which *restricts*
> what the user is allowed to do with his own copy of the software.  We place
> no restrictions on the use of the software and require that our upstreams
> don't do so either, so an EULA does not apply here.
  Why EULA cannot be as this: "User is legally free to copy, modify, share and 
redistribute this Software on any number of computers." 

  It is just agreement between user and authors, nothing more, nothing less. 
Or, maybe I should call it just LA? Fedora COre has EULA and except 
trademaked images it is not restriced user in anything.


> I'm sorry that this doesn't seem to be sufficient to keep the Russian
> authorities from harrassing you. :/  
  They're still not harrassing me, but I hear reports that make me think. It 
lokks like it is better have license agreement on software in use.



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