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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

#include <hallo.h>
* Olaf van der Spek [Sun, Jun 04 2006, 02:31:00PM]:

> >For those still playing, Olaf also isn't a Debian developer, doesn't
> >maintain any packages, and isn't a new-maintainer applicant.  He's made
> >something like 5 posts to debian-legal, though, which I guess given Andrew
> >Donnellan's assertion that someone with one post ever on -legal is a
> >"regular participant", means Olaf is a senior analyst or something.
> I guess the conclusion is that being a Debian developer means you're
> right and not being one means you're wrong?

No. The conclusion is that sane Debian developers do recognize the
problem and prepare an effective solution for it in silence. In
the meantime wanna-be developers are allowed to troll on debian-devel
list. They should just not be able to appear as beeing competent or even
be in charge, which has been prevented by the DPL.


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