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Re: Sun Java available from non-free


On Sun, 21.05.2006 at 13:38:57 +0200, Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote:
> I don't know how much Sun decision-makers are worried that a move
> against Debian could be bad PR...

additionally, it harms *Debian's* PR a great deal if it turns out that
Debian needs to pull the package.

> Unfortunately many many people out there are not very interested in
> dissecting licenses and in telling "real" and "fake" free software
> apart. Even less in examining potential issues with non-free packages.

Debian would become (viewed as, at least, as) one more project to not
take care about what "Free Software" is, despite the strong emphasis
issued in most public statements...

OTOH, I'd say pull it *now* while distribution is low, then fix the
problems, and only *then* get it back in... seems to be the least
damaging route to go for, imho.

> They really should spend time in writing a more carefully worded
> license, rather than drafting non-legally-binding explanations that seem
> to be inconsistent with the actual terms and conditions.


> I think that more time was needed to review possible issues, before
> deciding that Debian could go on and publicly state that everything was
> fine...


> I really hope we can solve the issues in a graceful manner.

...and fast, too. This is urgent while that the package is in the
archive with the broken license. I think we should set a strict
deadline for pulling it, if not immediately doing it (which I prefer).


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