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please on-topic messages (Re: Sun Java available from non-free)

> AT> For those playing along at home, zzz isn't a Debian developer,
> AT> doesn't maintain any packages, and isn't a new-maintainer
> AT> applicant. He doesn't even seem to be a regular participant on the
> AT> debian-legal list.
> So what?

I would like to request everyone to think before posting any message on
the debian mailing lists.  Which mailing list is the most appropriate
one? Must the message be posted on multiple mailing lists, or is one
list enough? Does my message add enough value to be worth posting to so
many people? Is the subject still the same or does my message start a
new discussion? Does it work towards a real solution for the issue being
discussed? Have I read all previous messages of the subject so that my
message doesn't repeat what's already said? And so on.


Bart Martens

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