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Re: Against DRM 2.0

Max Brown <max.brown07@gmail.com>
> 2006/5/23, MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop>:
> > Sorry if that's butchery of a foreign language, but this list is usually
> > in English.
> Ah ah! This is in english too (there are many universal juridical latin ter=
> ms!):

Latin is not English.  Is it universal?  I don't know it and I think
it's on the way out even in the courts here.  After all, it's now nearly
ten years since Lord Woolf's Access to Justice report pointed out 'the
system of civil justice and the rules which govern it must be broadly
comprehensible [...] to ordinary people of average ability' and made
appropriate recommendations.

> The problem is that there isn't a lawyer here: this is the problem!
> So the right is an optional element here. :-)

There is a lawyer here, but not involved in this fruity thread AFAICS.

However, that should not detract from the point that music and other
non-programs can be instantiated as software, so need to follow DFSG
to get into debian main. That's a fairly easy idea, even if you
disagree with it.

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