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Re: Against DRM 2.0

Max Brown <max.brown07@gmail.com>
> But the question is very easy: any lawyer knows there is a big
> difference between
> corpus mysthicum (the artwork/the code) and corpus mechanicum (the
> carrier/the file).
> The copyrightable work is only the artwork/the code!

So, in your language, we require the same freedoms to use, study, adapt
and share the corpus mysthicum for everything in our corpus mechanicum.

Sorry if that's butchery of a foreign language, but this list is usually
in English.

> This is a great error: for example, a free software can use "CC
> no-derivative" images with any problem, because the code (the
> software) is under a license and images are under another license.

A free software compiler can call a no-derivatives linker, but that
doesn't let the linker into main.

This is about freedom, not licence compatibility.

Hope that explains
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