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Re: Help Selecting License for Bacula Documentation

> "Kern Sibbald" <kern@sibbald.com>
>> I suppose this is a possibility, but with the current license, this
>> shouldn't be possible, though I admit I hadn't thought about it. I
>> doubt,
>> however, if this is a real possibility, since who has the means to
>> publish
>> paper copies and give them away free?
> Two examples come to mind:
> 1. people using them as marketing material: magazines, journals...

I explicitly permit the above.

> 2. people with grudges, seeking to destroy competitors.

Yea, well, in this case, can you hear my little tiny violin playing in
sympathy with them :-)

>> In any case I wouldn't want to work with any hacker company -- rather
>> publishing a company like O'Reilly, with possibly an independent editor,
>> who knows Bacula well, as has been discussed on our list.
> To be clear, by hacker company, I meant companies run by hackers,
> such as www.network-theory.co.uk, rather than companies run by an
> ex-proprietary software company director that arbitrarily blacklists
> projects and sells things off to DMCA-happy companies.

If by hacker you mean in the sense of the word as I originally learned it,
OK, I have no problem.  I was thinking of hacker in the somewhat
unfortunate "current" sense of a smart "bad guy".

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Best regards, Kern

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