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I sent this message to debian-nonprofit list and got very quick response from Jonas. Many thanks. He advised me to write my question on this list as more suitable.
So here it is....

My name is Marcin Giedz. Together with my two colleagues we have founded AltVision Group company. Our goals are:
1) produce cross-platform software - document workflow, ERP etc... based on QT
2) bring some new hardware dedicated for Linux
3) start "sophisticated" trainings for Linux administrators
4) make Debian be more attractive not only for servers but also for Desktops.

As we all have grown up on Debian distribution we would like be bring this environment as the main basis for our mission. To be sure that we are not "another" training facility in Poland we have done some researches. The results were far enough and quite predictable: people want certificates to prove their knowledge. Hmmmm..... how the hell can we provide them such "papers" related to Debian exams???

And this is my question. We now that Debian is Open Community. So from commercial point of view there is no organization" which we can make an agreement to become Debian certificated training center. But there are people responsible for releases, maintaining and some "top team" about Debian project anyway.

IS there any way to contact with someone from this "head"? I tried to find some emails but with no success. That's why I thought about mailing list. Do you know any emails that I can make further step?

Thank you VERY much.
Best regards,
Marcin Giedz

fn:Marcin Giedz
org:AltVision Group;Network & New Technologies
adr;dom:;;Polna 11;Warszawa;;00-633
title:Application Engeener
tel;work:+48 0 22 825 85 08
tel;cell:+48 502 537 157

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