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Re: Help Selecting License for Bacula Documentation

> Mark Rafn <dagon@dagon.net>
>> On Mon, 15 May 2006, John Goerzen wrote:
>> > Kern's main concern (correct me if I'm wrong, Kern) is that he doesn't
>> > want someone to be able to publish and sell paper versions of the
>> > manual.
>> > Is it possible to get a license that would be both DFSG-free and meet
>> > Kern's requirements?
>> I hope not.  It's a fundamentally non-free requirement.  The ability to
>> make copies and sell them is a very basic freedom.
> Indeed. Does Kern want to allow people publishing and giving away paper
> versions?

I suppose this is a possibility, but with the current license, this
shouldn't be possible, though I admit I hadn't thought about it. I doubt,
however, if this is a real possibility, since who has the means to publish
paper copies and give them away free?

Why hinder hacker companies that must cover their costs but
> allow rich companies to publish at a loss and inflict further losses
> on any hacker companies foolish enough to buy the commercial licence?

Although you are certainly correct, I don't think of publishing as a
commercial license.

In any case I wouldn't want to work with any hacker company -- rather
publishing a company like O'Reilly, with possibly an independent editor,
who knows Bacula well, as has been discussed on our list.

Honestly, though this may not be the case for Debian, I consider this a
really minor point that has virtually a zero probability of discriminating
against someone. I suspect that anyone serious wanting to publish a Bacula
book would most likely want to discuss it with the project, where they
will find us very open to almost any proposition.  I haven't worked on
this project for the last 5.5 years in order to make money from it -- see
the Bacula site (donations) on this if it interests you. I'm just
interested in seeing the project become self sufficient so that it can
continue after I leave, hopefully not in the near future.

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Best regards, Kern

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