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Re: Anti-DMCA clause (was Re: GPL v3 Draft

Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Nathanael Nerode:
>>>I think this is overly broad.  What about the following?
>>>"You must not add any functionality to programs licensed under this
>>>License which may not be removed, by you or any third party, according
>>>to applicable law.  Such functionality includes, but is not limited
>>>to, technological measures which effectively control access to any
>>>work, provided that removal of the measure would be prohibited by
>>>applicable law."
>>Good idea.  We need to do some more wording work, of course....
> I don't think such an approach would be popular with the FSF, though.
> If you propagate the view that features you cannot remove from the
> software are harmful (which is, as far as I can see, a pretty
> reasonable general position), it's a bit hard to explain why you are
> in favor of AGPL-like provisions that introduce such non-removable
> features.

Well, we were hoping that the FSF would be willing to accept replacement
text which would achieve the AGPL goals *without* introducting
non-removable features, of course.

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