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Re: Anti-DMCA clause (was Re: GPL v3 Draft

* Nathanael Nerode:

>> I think this is overly broad.  What about the following?
>> "You must not add any functionality to programs licensed under this
>> License which may not be removed, by you or any third party, according
>> to applicable law.  Such functionality includes, but is not limited
>> to, technological measures which effectively control access to any
>> work, provided that removal of the measure would be prohibited by
>> applicable law."
> Good idea.  We need to do some more wording work, of course....

I don't think such an approach would be popular with the FSF, though.
If you propagate the view that features you cannot remove from the
software are harmful (which is, as far as I can see, a pretty
reasonable general position), it's a bit hard to explain why you are
in favor of AGPL-like provisions that introduce such non-removable

> I still see problems.  :-/  This could be interpreted to prohibit adding
> access control features, rather than to require that they be removable.

The restriction would only apply to licensees (not those who control
execution of the software, without receiving a copy of it), and I
think it is our intent that access control features which cannot be
circumvented by licensees are prohibited.

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