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Re: A new practical problem with invariant sections?

Patrick Herzig wrote:
On 16/02/06, olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be> wrote:

As I have already said in a previous message let's say we disagree. Any
opinion in contradiction with yours will be "poorly defended".

Let's not. Let's say that you are wrong, or at least, that your
assertions are poorly defended. You're trying to elevate your
gut-feeling based opinions, which are shot down quicker than you can
make them up to the level of well thought out and scrutinized
arguments. There's a group of arguments that can be made on either
side that have merit and on those we can agree to disagree. Your
blathering is not among that group.

BTW, the fact that you repeatedly assert that you are entitled to
insult people here fits perfectly.

I have not tell that I am "entitled to insult people".

Other people have defended opinions similar to mine and as with me; you just tell there are stupid and that they do not belong to this group. After that you say that there is a consensus on this group...


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