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Re: FYI: Savannah forces new projects to use GFDL for documentation


Glenn Maynard wrote:
On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 10:14:59PM +0100, Sebastian Wieseler wrote:

So you should respect me and don't post the caches of my sites anywhere.

Admitting an error (or a misunderstanding, a misspeaking, or a good old
brain fart) is something people can respect;

Hm? It was not an error, I posted only _stuff_, inofficial statements, something which was totally premature and useless. But hey, it is still MY blog and I can post what I want to post. I don't care about your opinion.

retroactive edits are not.

I wrote an update and delete the original one, where's your problem? Again: It's MY blog. ;-)

But I must also look beside me and I saw that the entry was against my philosopy and against my work for Savannah, so I change the entry to match the current issue. No problem there.

By the way, the thread goes away from its original topic... ;-)
Sebastian Wieseler

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