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Re: GR proposal: GFDL with no Invariant Sections is free

Olive wrote:

> [...] But I still think we 
> must not exagerate. By modifying some files; like logos, the result 
> could really abuse people since the very puporse of trademarks are just 
> to properly identify people.

I acknowledge that, but they should be controlled by trademark licences.
Copyright licences are a bad tool for enforcing trademarks.

> I recognise that it is different for 
> political text as long as you make clear that the modified political 
> text represent your opinion and not the opinion of the original author.

Thank you. I wish FDL'ers or "verbatim copy only" licensors shared that
view and used that sort of licence for their political texts.

> For the GFDL, I consider the important part is the technical stuff; the 
> invariants sections are just about the same as we can found on many 
> place such as on the website of the FSF or in the preamble of the GPL 
> and are very short compared to the manual in question.

Maybe, but that would still exclude them from main. AIUI, the website of
FSF is not in debian and the GPL preamble is both removable (unlike an
FDL invariant) and necessary to carry for some copyright permissions.

> The real stuff is the technical manual which can be modified. [...]

Bah, it's just the "real stuff" at the moment. At any point, we might
need the fake stuff for some real purpose, from campaigning to writing
another manual or a complete project history. Why is technical purposes
real and historical purposes fake?

> [...] Debian should make a clearer 
> difference between small and big problems.

In a way, I agree. I also think this happens a bit already, in the
different ways they are handled after -legal discussions. If you want
it taken further, to make a semi-free archive or similar, then you
should figure out how to define it and raise it for discussion on
-project before taking it to -vote. I'm not keen on the idea.

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