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Re: GR proposal: GFDL with no Invariant Sections is free

olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be> wrote:
> > 
> > You do realize that even the FSF does not think that the GFDL is a
> > free license?  They just don't think that freedom is as important for
> > documentation as in software.
> That is totally untrue; see for example: http://www.gnu.org/doc/doc.html

Please read the archives


  "I am not sure if the GFDL is a free software license, but I don't
  think the question matters.


  "You've asked me to explain why the criteria for free documentation
  licenses should be different from free software licenses (or, as you
  would perhaps put it, free computer program licenses).  I would
  rather ask why they should be the same, since they deal with
  different situations."


  "Manuals are not free software, because they are not software."

Walter Landry

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