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Re: GR proposal: GFDL with no Invariant Sections is free

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Glenn Maynard wrote:
The choice of whether to include a work is based on whether its license
is free.  The definition of "free" is based, ultimately, on whether it
benefits free software or not.

I fully and completely disagree with this, although you're right that Debian's standards should not be set by the confused stance of the FSF.

The definition of "free" is based, ultimately, on whether the package has undue restrictions on use, modification, or redistribution. The degree and definition of "undue" is the primary topic of discussion here.

Anyway, Debian will most probably continues to include GFDL and other
non-ideal free licenses; it will just put these softwares in non-free.

Debian does not contain non-free. I'm fine with Debian providing non-free software, but it's not part of Debian, and I like that people are motivated to create free alternatives. --
Mark Rafn    dagon@dagon.net    <http://www.dagon.net/>

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