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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

* Alexander Terekhov:

> On 11/25/05, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:
> [...]
>> "PHP scripts are derivative works of PHP" sounds like someone misinterpreted
>> the FSF's claims, and ended up believing that the source of a program is a
>> derivative work of its libraries.  (That, unlike the FSF's claims, seems
>                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Unlike?
> http://web.novalis.org/talks/compliance-for-developers/slide-49.html
> "Still a derivative work:
>     * Distributing the source code of software which links to a library"
        when that library is the only software to provide that interface

Still a bit bizarre, and I would prefer if the FSF didn't enforce
their copyright along these lines.  Basically, this is an ex-cathedra
position back from the old days when people thought that the most
important piece of GNU software was GNU readline.

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