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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

Pierre <pierre.dev@gmail.com>
> They are minor but required and enough to fix the legal problems.
> This license is now suitable for other software than php.
> I'm no lawyer, I only ask some I know and got an OK.

I'm not sure whether making people lie is a legal problem,
but I feel it's wrong. That's why I call the licence
inappropriate or unsuitable for software besides PHP,
rather than saying it does not follow the DFSG.

Do you think that this licence does not require a developer
of a modified package (other than PHP) to lie by saying
"This product includes PHP software"?

For now, I stand by my view: PHP under this licence follows
the DFSG, but it's inappropriate for software other than PHP
itself, including much of PEAR.

An obvious fix is to limit clause 6 to products derived from PHP,
or to make clauses 4 to 6 and the disclaimer not PHP-specific.

Hope that helps,
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