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Re: Rules for submitting licenses for review

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 21:47:22 +0100 Andrew Suffield wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 12:49:57PM +0100, Ricardo Gladwell wrote:
> > I actually find few people agree that the freedoms that apply to
> > software should similarly apply to other types of work, especially
> > digital works such as documents, images, etc. Only debian-legal
> > really seems to take such a stance
> Plus the Debian project as a whole. We already had that GR. You lost,
> badly.

Please don't be so rude...
He was just making a statement of fact, not insulting us, AFAICT.

Ricardo meant (I think) that debian-legal (and the Debian project as a
whole) takes a stance that very few groups (outside Debian) take.
And that seems to be true.
Sad but true.

> Oh, and that whole creative commons mob. Yeah. Real few people.

Please re-read the non-commercial and no-derivatives license elements,
before claiming that Creative Commons is about promoting the freedoms we
(at Debian) care about...

There are other issues in all CC licenses that do not meet the DFSG, but
the two above-mentioned features are really easy to detect and many CC
fans do not object to them.
On the contrary, some CC supporters really like them...  :-( 

    :-(   This Universe is buggy! Where's the Creator's BTS?   ;-)
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