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Re: Rules for submitting licenses for review

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 12:09 pm, Dave Hornford wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 06:09:36PM +0100, Ricardo Gladwell wrote:
> >>>1) they consider the OGL to be similar to "how Linux is licensed".
> >>
> >>I think this is a dubious claim
> I think is speaks more to a light understanding of how Linux is licenced
> and the OGL structured than anything else. If your understanding of free
> is focused on whether or not there is a requirement for a cash
> transaction then the stated belief makes sense. In my experience, when
> free/open licencing is considered outside our community that is the
> depth of understanding at the table.

Gotta agree here.  The Legal team at Wizards were a nice bunch and knew quite 
a bit... but advanced copyrights and how people are using them in things like 
FOSS was certainly not one of them.  I really think they were under the 
impression that since WoTC didn't get any money and people were free to share 
things with others that it was "linux-like".


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