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Re: Rules for submitting licenses for review

On 18 Aug 2005 17:42:47 GMT MJ Ray wrote:

> > Could I submit a license for
> > review just for my own personal interest and even though it is
> > unlikely said license will ever be used in debian free or non-free?
> You could, but you will probably get a lower response. Please
> try more general forums like those hosted by the FSFs or on
> Usenet. (I'm not really up-to-date: where should we refer to?)

It's true that discussing licenses in a vacuum is not (should not be)
debian-legal business, but nonetheless there is an issue with your
advice, IMHO.
Trying other 'forums' will probably produce a *different* answer.
We use the DFSG as the guidelines to determine if a work is free or not.
Other groups/foundations/projects use *different* criteria.

I'm referring to well-known cases such as Debian and FSF disagreeing
about the GFDL, and similar ones.

So, what I ask myself is:

| if you feel that the DFSG are the best criteria to determine the
| freeness of a work, what's the most appropriate place to discuss about
| the freeness of works released under a particular license?

To me it's difficult to answer anything but "debian-legal"...

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