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Re: New 'Public Domain' Licence

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 01:38:24PM -0400, astronut wrote:
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> Jeff King wrote:
> >The latter message is from me. I am looking for such a license, as I am
> >trying to avoid ridiculous license propagation. My ideal license would
> >be in one of two forms:
> >  - a common PD-ish license for which users can say "Oh, the PD license"
> >    and know what it means (as we do now for the BSD, MIT, and GPL
> >    licenses)
> >  - a license so short that one can look at it and know what it means
> >    (e.g., "X is dedicated to the public domain", "X may be
> >    redistributed in any form without restriction").
> >
> >The consensus I seem to read from debian-legal is that the second type
> >can't exist, because we have to list everything explicitly or our evil
> >heirs can revoke it.
> >
> >-Peff
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> I am probably wrong here, since I joined the list in the middle of the
> discussion, but can't you just put a notice at the top of the code like
> this?
> /* This code was written by <name> and is hereby released into the
> public domain */
What's "the public domain" in the context of UK / European law?

[If it exists validly in the UK, for example, how is it to be interpreted
if there is a conflict in definition with European Community law?]

"Public Domain" appears to many to be US-centric: better, by far,
to have a crack at _some_ kind of licence.

It is useful to have explicit permission to use freely for
commercial/governmental/not for profit and personal and private use 
for example.

Permission to modify or distribute in other forms is also useful as is 
explicit permission to sell or distribute as part of other media or to 
use the information in derivative works.

All of the above could reasonably be either inferred or denied depending
on how you read or interpret everything between /* and */
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