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Re: New 'Public Domain' Licence

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Jeff King wrote:

>The latter message is from me. I am looking for such a license, as I am
>trying to avoid ridiculous license propagation. My ideal license would
>be in one of two forms:
>  - a common PD-ish license for which users can say "Oh, the PD license"
>    and know what it means (as we do now for the BSD, MIT, and GPL
>    licenses)
>  - a license so short that one can look at it and know what it means
>    (e.g., "X is dedicated to the public domain", "X may be
>    redistributed in any form without restriction").
>The consensus I seem to read from debian-legal is that the second type
>can't exist, because we have to list everything explicitly or our evil
>heirs can revoke it.
I am probably wrong here, since I joined the list in the middle of the
discussion, but can't you just put a notice at the top of the code like

/* This code was written by <name> and is hereby released into the
public domain */

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