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Re: Debian export question: JAPAN and the world

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 03:31:27PM +0900, Satoshi Kawase (Fukuoka) wrote:
> Yes, regarding the export of cryptographic material from Japan, we also 
> believe that compliance documentation will need to be provided and we are 
> currently in the process of obtaining legal council. Howeverm I was hoping 
> that such compliance documentation may already exist based on the following 
> logic (please correct me if I am wrong):
> [1] Japan has several Debian mirrors
> [2] the existence of Debian mirror in Japan means that Debian is exported 
> from Japan
> [3] ergo: Debian.org <http://Debian.org> has filed compliance documentation 
> with the Japanese government bureau that controls such matters

We don't actually operate the Debian mirrors in Japan; very few
mirrors anywhere are run by Debian. The list of people who operate
mirrors is here:


I suggest you contact the people listed as responsible there. They're
more likely to have an answer.

It'd be nice if we could provide information on what hoops you have to
jump through for various countries... but we don't currently have it.

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