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Re: Debian export question: JAPAN and the world

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005, Satoshi Kawase (Fukuoka) wrote:
> I work for a major Japanese electronics company and we would like
> include Debian into one of our new products.

> While I've found lots of information regarding how to export Debian
> outside the U.S. ( http://www.debian.org/legal/cryptoinmain is
> excellent) I have found little information on how to export Debian
> from Japan or for that matter other countries.

Yes, this is basically because Debian has never really had to deal
with this problem, since it's currently[1] much easier to just export
from the US machines themselves, and handle country specific
regulations in country.

Unfortunatly, to really answer these questions appropriately, you're
going to need to retain legal advice of someone intimately familiar
with Japanese export controls and see what needs to be done.[2] As few
of us are lawyers, let alone lawyers in Japan who are expert in export
controls, we can't really give you any real legal advice.

If retaining an attorney for a few hours poses a problem to help draft
whatever semi-automated compliance documentation is needed, you may be
able to work around the export restrictions[3] by allowing customers
to download the cryptographic software directly from Debian's mirrors.

Don Armstrong

1: Before crypto-in-main we did this by exporting from a country
without these pesky laws.

2: You may want to use the current techique for dealing with the US
export laws as a starting point in your discussions with your

3: Assuming you don't actually need any cryptographic packages
installed to get your product in a distributable state.
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