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Debian export question: JAPAN and the world


I work for a major Japanese electronics company and we would like include Debian into one of our new products.

The trouble we are facing is that because Japan is one of the countries in the wassenaar arrangement exports of cryptographic software count as "munitions" and hence must be passed through the Japanese version of the BXA (Bureau of Industry and Security).

While I've found lots of information regarding how to export Debian outside the U.S. ( http://www.debian.org/legal/cryptoinmain is excellent) I have found little information on how to export Debian from Japan or for that matter other countries.

If someone could answer my questions regarding this I would be very thankful.

1.  If Debian is installed to a machine on a factory floor in Japan and sold overseas, which country's export regulations would apply to the software?  U.S.A.'s or Japan's?

2.  If Japan, how would we go about submitting paperwork to pass export regulations?

Satoshi Kawase
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