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Re: CC-BY : "clarification letter" ?

MJ Ray wrote:
> Daniel Carrera <dcarrera@math.umd.edu> wrote:
> > As for dual licensing, the CC-BY really is my favourite license for 
> > written text. I don't want to use a software license for non-software.
> Well, if you want to do something inherently non-free, like prevent
> honest mention of your name outside authorship attribution, then you
> probably need to make it non-free with something like I understand
> the current CC-BY to be.

Come on Ray, you know that's now what I've been saying. Back to the post 
that started this thread. I want to add a "clarification" letter to fix 
the problem you just mentioned. Would you like to help me write one? I 
posted a proposal on this thread. How would you modify it?

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