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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

Brian Thomas Sniffen writes:

> Since there is a stronger relationship there than the weakest relation
> that could be called aggregation, it isn't mere aggregation.  It's
> aggregation and something else.  Thus, GPL 2b applies.

The ending of GPL 2 is clear to me: If the two works are not related
under copyrights (since the "mere aggregation" clause uses terms
defined as copyright-based in GPL 0), then they are merely aggregated.

Since the adjective "mere" is not elaborated on in the GPL, I
interpret it as a modifier in the spirit of the FSF's usual linking
disclaimers: Doing X does not _in itself_ subject you to the license's
full requirements, but there may be other reasons that they apply.

Your proposed interpretation of "mere aggregation" not well-rooted in
law, the license text, or precedent; reading it that way is an
invitation for dangerous interpretations like "Debian is designed to
work as a single OS, therefore it is more than mere aggregation."

Michael Poole

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