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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 03:15:23AM -0500, Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
> I think most of those are just aggregation on a medium of
> distribution.  Only the tree of dependencies has to be checked.

So what you're saying is that "Depends: java2-runtime" is fine, but
"Depends: kaffe | java2-runtime" is not?

Arguing that it triggers and then violates the GPL because of a minor
limitation in one of our package retrieval tools, such that it requires
hinting to resolve otherwise random situations, seems like something of a
stretch to me.

Again: Eclipse will install and run just fine with no traces of Kaffe
anywhere on the system, using "apt-get install eclipse", at least on my
system. All it requires is that there be some other JVM present to run
it. Proof by demonstration that neither Eclipse, the Eclipse package, nor
Debian as a whole are derivative works of Kaffe... they keep working even
if it doesn't appear, anywhere.

If it would make you happy, you may feel free to install the following
software on your system so that there is an alternative JVM, and Kaffe
won't be the only one.

#! /bin/sh
exit 0

Usefulness not guaranteed, but it *is* capable of interpreting a Java
bytecode sequence (for values of 'interpret' equivalent to 'ignore').

Actually, that's probably more closely tied to it than Kaffe would be,
because it doesn't attempt to implement the formal API spec, so anything
which makes use of it's behavior is relying on non-standard behaviors,
and is thus truly dependant on it...
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