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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

Måns Rullgård <mru@inprovide.com> writes:

> "Grzegorz B. Prokopski" <gadek@debian.org> writes:
>> On Sat, 2005-15-01 at 09:13 +0100, Michael Koch wrote:
>>> Am Samstag, 15. Januar 2005 05:12 schrieb Brian Thomas Sniffen:
>>> > Not quite true.  It also incorporates the GNU Classpath libraries
>>> > which are distributed with / part of Kaffe.  There clearly are
>>> > bindings provided there.  The GNU Classpath package is GPL'd,
>>> > right?
>>> GNU classpath is GPL+linking exception which allows it to link with 
>>> code that is licensed with GPL non-compatible licenses.
>> True, but many of the very core classes of Kaffe's java library are
>> purely GPLed, so the lowest common denominator of the license of whole
>> class library of Kaffe is pure GPL.
> So what?  Eclipse is still not derived from these classes.  If Eclipse
> is derived from *any* part of Kaffe, in any way whatsoever, it must be
> derived form *all* JVM implementations.  Furthermore, *all* JVM
> implementations must be derived from each other, which would render
> them all illegal.

Again, this isn't about the copyright holder's right to control
production of derived works.  This is about the copyright holder's
right to control copying and distribution of copies.  Reading GPL 2b,
I cannot see permission to distribute a CD with Eclipse and Kaffe on
it, such that Eclipse runs on top of Kaffe when I insert the CD.


Brian Sniffen                                       bts@alum.mit.edu

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