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Re: GPL on rendered images

Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> writes:

> In essence you're saying that "It's impractical to make this
> free".

Yes, because neither the tools nor the general workflow of creating
artwork ensure that something worth to consider source stays available.

> Whether true or not, that's *all* you're saying. It's got nothing to
> do with the GPL. Word games about 'source' are irrelevant.

Well, lets make it practical. netPanzer is in both Debian testing and
unstable, it is full of sprites which are based on 3d models, the 3d
models files itself however are not distributed with it and most likly
never will be since they got lost over the years. So how to handle it?

a) declare that the images as they are are 'enough' to be considered
   'prefered form of modification' and leave it as it is

b) consider it a violation of the GPL and no longer distribute it

netPanzer is by far not the only game which has this problem.

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