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Re: GPL on rendered images

Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> writes:

>> Last not least what if the artist wants to keep his model files
>> private, ie. a 2d game would only need the rendered model files,
>> but never the 3d ones in case the 2d images are fine. Is it
>> possible to use such files at all or do I have to reject everything
>> that comes from the artist?
> "Last not least what if the programmer wants to keep his source code
> private". C'mon, that's a no-brainer.

Well, its a practical problem that some people are facing and that
applies to a whole bunch of free software. Its not necesarry the
unwillingness of the author, might also be that the images simply got
lost over time, that textures or other stuff got used that isn't
allowed to be distributed seperatly or whatever. Things that are in
Debian that are affected by this issue would be netpanzer, Pingus,
Freecraft FCMP, BOS and that might be just the start, so far I havn't
seen much 3d models being distributed with sourcecode, so I guess
quite a lot of games should be affected.

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