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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

Brian Thomas Sniffen writes:

> Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> writes:
> > Brian Thomas Sniffen writes:
> >
> >> But the functionality of the driver is a function of the functionality
> >> of the device.
> >
> > The functionality of a program is a function of the functionality of
> > the compiler that compiles it
> And Debian requires that its software be compilable with free software
> compilers.  That's a Build-Depends relation.
> > (and, independently, of the CPU that executes it).
> And the CPU is hardware, so not covered by the DFSoftwareG.

Is the device you mentioned not hardware?

> >  These are not a useful observations.
> On the contrary, I've found them very useful.

They are useful only for people who agree with you about certain
premises.  Examples: the firmware is software rather than hardware and
the driver depends on the firmware.  Those who agree with those
premises already agree with your conclusions.  Your observation does
nothing to convince those who disagree.

Michael Poole

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