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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

Marco d'Itri wrote:
> don@donarmstrong.com wrote:
>>Is there a dependency relationship between the package that provides
>>the driver and the firmware itself?
> I already explained some days ago why it's good and useful to not have a
> strong dependency.

Perhaps you could point to a particular message in which you explain how
this is acceptable under Policy and the SC?  I saw several messages in
which you gave various practical reasons why you would prefer the
packages in main (though I see no reason a technical solution couldn't
be provided while keeping the packages in contrib), but I didn't see
anything where you argued that a package in main that requires software
not in our archive was not a violation of Policy and the Social Contract
(other than many unsupported assertions that only the hardware required
the firmware, not the driver).

> Also, for some drivers there can be no package at all
> providing the firmware files.

That's irrelevant; packages go in contrib when they depend on software
not in the archive at all, not just when they depend on packaged
software in contrib or non-free.  Otherwise, any package in contrib
could be put in main if the non-free packages on which it depends were
dropped from the Debian archive, which makes no sense.

- Josh Triplett

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