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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

In article <2QQPq-57R-1@gated-at.bofh.it> you wrote:

Loïc, I suggest you read the whole debian-legal thread named "non-free
firmware: driver in main or contrib?", because it answers many of the
points you raised.
I will summarize the points relevant to the eagle-usb-* packages:

- distribution of firmwares with no source code available in debian/main
  has been forbidden by the second-last general resolution, but the last
  general resolution removed this restriction just for sarge (as long as
  the license allows distribution)
- the GPL issue is probably a non-issue: if the copyright owner (Sagem)
  stated that what the binary blobs they provide is source, I think that
  the ftpmasters team will accept the package (the ftpmasters decide
  what goes in debian, not debian-legal...)
- notwithstanding the disagreement of a few people here, even if
  post-sarge eagle-usb-data will have to be moved to non-free, there is
  nothing in our policy which prevents to downgrade the hard dependency
  to a suggestion, to be able to keep shipping the free driver in main

The effect of this is that, as long as the ftpmasters team is happy with
the license clarification from Sagem, you can keep eagle-usb-data too in
main for sarge.

> I'm really sorry I re-started a long-discussed troll again, and I'm sad
> Debian won't provide support for a lot of hardware in a close future.
Do not mistake the opinion of a few vocal debian-legal users with the
one of all developers. Many other developers share your concern and will
fight to not let this happen.
Please join debian-legal and keep defending the freeness of your


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