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Re: Is javacc DFSG compliant?

Ken Arromdee <arromdee@rahul.net>:

> I know that "you must acknowledge that" doesn't mean you need to mail Sun a
> written statement bearing an acknowledgement, but I don't think that makes a
> difference.  Would a license "you must acknowledge that Jesus is Lord" be free?

I would guess not, because it would mean that someone who has publicly
claimed otherwise and wishes to continue doing so does not have a

> Or a license "you must acknowledge that any damage you might suffer as a
> result of using this software is no greater than 99 cents"?

That sounds like a weaker version of the warranty disclaimer in the GPL.

>  If not, why is
> "you must acknowledge <something that might put you at a disadvantage in
> court>" free?

Presumably because acknowledging the truth of something that is true
is no burden. For example, "you must acknowledge that this software is
released under the XPL" is probably acceptable in the text of the XPL,
a hypothetical licence.

The trouble with the no-nuclear acknowledgement is that it might not
always be true: someone might want to create a derived work that is
licensed for use in nuclear power stations.

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