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Re: Is javacc DFSG compliant?

Ken Arromdee <arromdee@rahul.net> writes:

> This may be a side issue, but could someone explain to me how "you
> acknowledge that ____" can fit the DFSG no matter what is acknowledged?

Trivially free examples are easy: "You acknowledge that this software
is licensed under the General Public License (version 2, or at your
option, any later version)" and "You acknowledge that you have no
legal right to distribute this software except according to this
copyright license."  I think the relevant complaint must be with what
is in the blank, not the wrapper phrasing.

To borrow a lawyerly turn of phrase, perhaps "Nothing in this license
shall imply that this software is licensed by regulators for use XYZ"
satisfies both sets of concerns?  (Perhaps with the regulators or
regulations identified by name.)  If someone does go through the
effort to qualify a version or derivative of the software for use XYZ,
the base software license would not need to be modified.

Michael Poole

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